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In conjunction with the super cool Swedish event Bowlstock in Stockholm we’re offering a Special Edition colab deck with their logo art by Jimbo Phillips and some H-Street art that we put together. This is a fundraiser for their event, part of the proceeds goes to support the Swedish skate scene so whether you’re a collector or ripper or both, help support Bowlstock!

This Special Edition deck is available to pre-order here at the all new H-Street shop and comes on our Advanced Universal Park&Pool shape that’s 32.5 X 9, with a 15.25 Wheelbase, a perfect mix of old and new school design and comes with a silver foil based transfer graphic.

You can pre-order now and your card will not be charged until we actually ship the deck, expected around October/November. Pre-ordering will really help us coordinate production and by doing so, you will get the special price of 59.00, which is less than when the deck is actually available in the store. Email us at if you have any questions regarding this.

If you live in Sweden, we are also trying to coordinate with them to reduce shipping. If we cannot, we should be able to offer the flat rate of $50.