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The nightmare Alice graphic is designed by H-Street bro artist Bob Hickman, who’s done a few different guest graphic designs of classic H-Street designs, most notable for Ron Allen and Matt Hensley. Alice is part of the H-Street Alpha Girls program and is the biggest of the deck line up at 33 x 9, with a 15 Wheelbase and comes on three different colorways in a classic modern-retro shape. 

It’s handmade in California by Legend Skates and features the totally unique design called Pop Wedge, which has an extra layer of hardrock Maple laminated into the tail and nose are that creates a better, longer lasting pop, The Nightmare Alice deck is made with a transfer graphic that comes in 4 different color ways on the two different sizes.

The H-Street Alpha Girls program features several different boards, tee’s and other cool product that are designed and inspired by Addison and Ruby Lilley. The boards are made with the highest quality available anywhere, just like any of the other decks we make but we’re just highlighting these totally awesome rippers. The Alpha Girls Addison and Ruby benefit from the entire program, not just their own signature products, so if you’re into supporting these trailblazers, check out all the Alpha products.

You can pre-order now and your card will not be charged until we actually ship the deck, expected around November-December. Pre-ordering will really help us coordinate production and by doing so, you will get the special price of 49.00, which is less than when the deck is actually available in the store. Email us at if you have any questions regarding this.

33 X 9 / NOSE 7 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 15