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This is the first time that H-Street, Plan B and XYZ Clothing got together for a colab product and of course, it’s an homage graphic by H-Street super artist Fian Arroyo, to Danny’s original Train graphic that Alphonzo Rawls drew back in the 80’s.

The deck is a 32.3 X 9, with a modern retro shape, perfect for Park&Pool skating, with a 15” Wheelbase, that updates his original and classic shape of the original Train graphic deck.

The art was inspired by Danny’s more mature and incredible impact, with all his radical antics in his career and denotes Danny’s heavy duty accomplishments like no other.

The Heavy Metal Train deck is made in California by Legend Skateboards and features the totally unique design called Pop Wedge, which has an extra layer of hardrock Maple laminated into the tail and nose area that creates a better, longer lasting pop. The Heavy Metal Train deck is also available with an Epoxy Everslick as an option, along with the standard natural and white full dip.

32.3 X 9 / NOSE 7 / TAIL 6.6 / WHEELBASE 15