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Danny Way’s Adult Size board was drawn by Francesco Jekill Albertini and was his third or fourth graphic with H-Street (Danny decided to draw his own graphic somewhere in this same time frame, The Question Mark).

We thought Danny should have a larger board, since the Giant and The Rabbit in the Hat were quite small, even for that time. Given that Danny was Pro at a really young age, this was understandable.

So the board became more known for its size than the name of the graphic and while it’s been called a few different things online over the years, Francesco refers to the graphic as “Black Hole”, which we take as some type of apocalyptic vision.

Tony Mag re-created the artwork from a really well preserved original board from Danny’s collection.

We are now re-issuing this classic design on the original shape with the old school hole pattern on the Hell Concave, as well as on an updated rider shape with the standard hole pattern on the Supreme Concave. Check out the Original Re-Issue here.

The rider edition is perfect for all modern Park & Pool riding, all-around cruising and vert ramps.

Each edition comes in a limited run with several colors ways and finishes and both are handmade in San Diego by Watson Lam and silk screened. Dyed Wood comes in random colors, add preference in order notes and we'll do our best.

L 33.5 / W 9.5 / NOSE 6.5 / TAIL 7 / WHEELBASE 15.75