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Danny Way’s Train graphic is the first deck we are re-issuing that was drawn by the legendary and multi talented Alphonzo Rawls, who has a lengthy and amazing career in his own right. Alf did a number of H-Street graphics and had a tremendous effect of the look and feel of H-Street, as the company moved into the “Next Generation”.

Danny’s Train graphic was a take-off on what became a sudden trend in skate graphics for a couple of years; the “No Scratch Graphic”, a concept that Ron Allen had come up with. It was a simple and quite ingenious way to not have your brand new graphic immediately get scratched up the moment you take it out for a spin.

This board came out in the late 80’s or perhaps in the early 90’s and skateboarding was progressing incredibly fast. Shapes had mostly started to lose the sidecut design and was moving into the “football” shape era.

The deck is handmade in the USA and hand silk screened in San Diego, just like the original.

You can pre-order now and your card will not be charged until we actually ship the deck, expected around December. Pre-ordering will really help us coordinate production and by doing so, you will get the special price of 69.00, which is less than when the deck is actually available in the store. Email us at intel@h-street.com if you have any questions regarding this.

31.75 X 9.75 / NOSE 5.8, 6.4 / TAIL 6.4 / WHEELBASE 14.5, 14