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Back in 1982 Dave “Hackman The Gnar” Hackett created the first radical cutaway Rockett Board using a 32X10” Flat 7 ply deck. He rode that deck in Hawaii on a trip to Kaui on the Blue “Jesus Rules” Halfpipe back in the 70’s. He tried to produce these decks commercially but never had a good board company who would do them until 2015, when Jim at Watson Lam got into the game and the Rockett was made under the Deathbox label.

In 2018, T-Mag and Hackett made an update of the shape and specs for the Deathbox Hackett Signature Rockett 2 boards, which are made in a limited quantity, handmade at Watson Lam with 100% Hardrock Maple, laminated with the Strongest “THICK BITCH®” wood construction & glue, hand silkscreened with the H-Street Supreme Concave, made for performance Park&Pool riding!


Comments from Mr. Hackett; “I Thank you for not Conforming to the Millions of Drones who Read and Ride what everyone else does because they saw it in a Magazine. You Are an Original. And I Salute you for that! Now Go RIP, TEAR, & SHRED!!”


L 34 / W 10 / NOSE 6.25 / TAIL 7.1 / WHEELBASE 16.5