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This is a hand-sculpted stainless steel ring, with the classic H-Street Mark Logo, which has been laser annealed onto the ring.

This is a process of drawing the carbon in the steel to the surface, using a special laser tool that heats the steel and lifts blackened carbon and makes a permanent mark in a process that the military uses for weapons engraving and identification.

The Commando ring laser process is hand made in Oceanside, California by a military base supplier of marine veterans and should last a lifetime. The laser annealed logo is permanent and will never come off but treat the ring as you would any fine jewelry.

The Mark Logo is one of the classic logos in skateboarding and stands for the legacy of H-Street as an innovative brand in both products and skateboarding culture. It was originally designed by renowned H-Street artist Francesco Jekill Albertini in the 80’s and has been central to all H-Street design and graphics since then.

The rings are available in sizes 7-12 and If you are not sure about your ring size, you can do a couple of things; do a Google search for “ring size charts” or email us at intel@H-Street.com and we’ll send you one.