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Legendary skateboarders Stevie Caballero and Matt Hensley got to talking about the upcoming re-release of the iconic Hensley King Size Ltd Edition.  Stevie was down to re-draw of the classic design in his rather unique art style to create a truly one of a kind Hensley graphic.

The board is handmade and silk screened at Watson Lam on the Supreme Concave with a slightly modified specs from the original Kingsize shape, Supreme Concave and a new school hole pattern, making it a perfect Park&Pool rider or a collectible. There are only 100 made in the C Series.

Since silk screening is an art form as much as it is a production printing technique, Damon at Watson Lam and T-Mag usually collaborate on some special colorways that involves Damon using his own artistic abilities to create unique colorways. This time we made 10 decks in Damon’s colorway and 6 of these are available, they are laser numbered 3-9 and signed by both Caballero and Matt Hensley.

They are only available in this package that includes the Original Kingsize Eagle T-Shirt Layout and an art print that Damon did while screening the B Series of the Kingsize Eaqle. You'll also get our new 33 decal Pack and the Matt Hensley Poster.

This is the first time we’ve offered Damon’s special colorways and in single digit numbering, so certainly a collectible.

32.95 X 9.25 / NOSE 7 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 15