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We got together with Cruisers Automotive and Matt Hensley to create an experimental series of the legendary Stained Glass graphic. The idea was to apply their exceptional custom low rider painting skills and apply that to skateboards, to create a truly unique product that would stand alone in the area of hand-made custom collector skateboard decks. There are several coats of three different paints to create the ultra high gloss and thick metallic finish.

Of course, these one-of-a-kind decks are made by Legend Skates here in California. They are also hand painted by the man himself. We asked Matt to sign each of these and he did us one better; Matt’s been learning the antiquated art form of hand sign painting and hand painted the Matt Logo on the tails of these decks. And don’t be folded by his ultra steady hand, it is not a silk screen, it’s hand painted by Matt with a brush. Very slowly and very carefully.

The graphics on the other hand, are silk screened by Screaming Squeegees. We took the decks up to Chicken and did a little experimental silk screening. The “Two-Tone” silk screen decks are black with an offset metallic gold.

We made 20 decks, numbered decks 1-15 are available and each one is done a little differently. The green ones have the Cruisers logo on them.

We called this the Experimental Series, since that is exactly what it is. That also means some are better and more “finished” looking than others. We created an order where the lower numbers are the best looking, in our opinion and they are individually priced accordingly. This is also the first time that we’ve made Number 1 in any Series available for purchase. When you order these, you get the exact one you ordered plus an autographed Hall of Fame poster of Matt, photographed by Grant Brittain and the super high gloss and thick Stained Glass decal.

If you also would like Matt’s signature on these, just ask us in the notes field of the order.

32.25 X 9.1 / NOSE 6 / TAIL 6.25 / WHEELBASE 15