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Addison Taylor is a founding member of the H-Street Alpha Girls crew. She’s an all around skater that thrives on all sorts of different terrain in her home state of Georgia. She’s been a crucial part of the Alpha Girls program and helped design the logos, the artwork and the overall vibe.

Her board graphics were drawn by tattoo artist Miguel Villaverde, with T-Mag doing the color work and production coordination. Addison and T-Mag designed the shape to work for all-around park, street and pool skating and in classic H-Street style; it features a directional shape that works really well for all park & pool skating.

It’s handmade in California by Legend Skates and features the totally unique design called Smart Rails, which is a dual internal Epoxy laminated Maple Beam construction, under the Epoxy laminated Everslick layer that is molded in a specially handcrafted mold, which all makes  for a rather unique design that enables way better Board and Lipslides with a minimal contact area and slicker substrate of which you’re sliding on. And the graphic stays largely intact, as it’s digitally printed into the Everslick material and protected by the dual internal beam design.

This design also features a layer of Carbon Fiber in between the rails, covering both trucks, so you get better strength, durability and performance from the Addison Taylor Smart Rail Everslick design.

Addison’s design also features the unique Pop Wedge design, which has an extra layer of hardrock Maple laminated into the tail and nose which creates a better, longer lasting pop.

The H-Street Alpha Girls program features several different boards, tee’s and other cool product that are designed and inspired by Addison and Ruby Lilley. The boards are made with the highest quality available anywhere, just like any of the other decks we make.

You can pre-order now and your card will not be charged until we actually ship the deck, expected around February. Pre-ordering will really help us coordinate production and by doing so, you will get the special price of 69.00, which is less than when the deck is actually available in the store. Email us at if you have any questions regarding this.

32.8 X 8.5 / NOSE 6.75 / TAIL 6.6 / WHEELBASE 15