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This is Ron Allen’s original No Scratch Graphic, a design concept which kinda threw the whole graphic concept and industry for a loop at the time.

By the late 80’s, skate graphics had gotten so good and technical that it just seemed like a waste to spend a ton of cash on a brand spanking new board, just to go out and scratch up the graphic immediately. This wasn’t a huge problem for vert skaters since they had rails, which provided some relief to getting that new graphic all scratched up. But street skaters had ditched the rails by this time, so the simple solution that Ron and Jeff Klindt thought of was to design the graphic around the nose and front truck. We did a number boards that followed this designed concept and so did several companies at that time.

The No Scratch Graphic concept was a simple and brilliant solution that became a permanent part of skateboard history that Ron and Jeff had come up with.

The board is made in California at Watson Lam and constructed with high quality maple wood and available in a variety of natural, stained (mixed colors) and full dips and they are hand silk screened by Damon. The A Series is limited run of decks and laser marked as such, including the series number and comes with an Old School hole pattern.

31.75 X 9.5 / NOSE 5.5 / TAIL 6.5 / WHEELBASE 14.75