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This is Ruby Lilley’s graphics, The Mystic Dragon, which was drawn by H-Street super artist Fian Arroyo.

Ruby Lilley is a founding member of the H-Street Alpha Girls crew. She’s a park & pool skater that competes on the red-hot competition circuit for girls. Ruby originally hails from Ocean City MD and currently resides in Southern California with her parents and totally awesome brothers and sister, who are all skaters.

Says Ruby; "I’ve always been fascinated by Asian culture and art. I think it started back when my older brothers and sisters introduced me to the karate kid  and the three ninjas movie when I was little. Being homeschooled all my life has given me  an opportunity to study different cultures and I’ve always enjoyed Asian Art, myths, languages, and influences. When Fian created this graphic, I immediately felt excited. I love this dragon graphic and look forward to doing some art work, too."

Alpha Girls is a skateboard crew, a product collection, a dream and a vision. It’s an experiment and a revolution. It’s art and skateboarding, inspired by two young girls, who’s taking the spirit and the history of H-Street and turning it into something unknown. It’s a wild ride without a defined plan or directions.

If you’re into supporting two young girls skateboarding dreams, check out all the Alpha products from H-Street and rock them with pride.

The T-Shirt is a standard fitted blended Cotton of exceptional high quality, with a Digital DTG print which is different from silk screening. This process makes a smoother and lighter print that “breathes” better than silk-screening and does better with a gentle wash cycle, inside out.