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The Kid and the Kat is a product of T-Mag’s home country of Sweden, in that Klas Tingvall and Oscar Berg, two young skaters and designers from the land of the Vikings came up with the shape and the graphic concept, along with the story board decal that ships with the boards. The duo created a few of the mini adventures of the Kid and the Kat, which are just two of the really timeless characters that Francesco created in the 80’s.

The shape represents the really fun and progressive skating of Oscar and falls under the banner of a retro-modern shape that is very universal and able to handle a variety of riding terrains and styles while looking good under your feet.

Made in California at Watson Lam and constructed with high quality maple wood and available in a variety of natural, stained and split veneers and the best handmade silk screen job that could be had anywhere.

*All Dual, Tri-Split and solid stained wood come mixed in colors from the factory and images here are just one possible colorway of those treatments. Generally speaking, we request lighter and brighter colors, like Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, light or medium Blues, Green and such, since we think our graphics look better on those stains but every once in a while, we end up with darker colors or the more earth tone colors, especially as part of a Dual or Tri-Split. If you have a preference of the solid stained wood, please note that in the memo field for the order and we’ll do our best. Dual and Tri-Splits are so random that we cannot do that. If you prefer to be more certain of what you’ll get, order the full dips or naturals.

 L 31 / W 9 / NOSE 6.75 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 14.4