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Bob Hickman is skateboarder, artist, musician and true renaissance man from Ohio and with a couple of buddies started Puppet Skateboards, based on Bob’s art and no nonsense approach. Bob made this tribute art of Powell’s Ray Barbee classic graphic design. Here’s how Bob put it:

“Loyalty and heritage is a homage’ to the history of skateboarding, the big pants, little wheels era was the best time in my life. Next to Ron Allen, Ray Barbee was always my favorite skater, favorite graphic and inspiration for Puppet. I tried to capture the time in my life where everything clicked in skating. Shants, st.ides , 101, H-Street, beat up half Cabs and everything else that was awesome during that time. So when Sean Cliver and Ray said to go ahead with this graphic I was stoked and this is what came out.”