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Bob Hickman is a skateboarder, artist, musician and true renaissance man from Ohio and with a couple of buddies started Puppet Skateboards, based on Bob’s art and no nonsense approach. Bob made this art he calls Kap10 Klown, a tribute to the classic character and actor. Here’s how Bob put it;

“I just thought the classic horror films were cool and had no idea that Sid would die a week later after I drew this. He was the actor who played Captain Spaulding in House of 1000 corpses. “Don’t ya like clowns? Aren’t we fucking funny”... best line ever.”

Made in America using the finest Canadian hardrock maple and resins. Comes in two sizes.

32.75 X 8.25 / NOSE 6.9 / TAIL 7.25 / WHEELBASE 14.5

32.75 X 8.5 / NOSE 6.9 / TAIL 7.25 / WHEELBASE 14.5