After years of rebuilding the art work for H-Street, we are proud to announce seven of the most notorious board graphics from the original riders and their first boards.  In November of 2015, H-Street introduced the first boards in The Magnificent 7 Series of collector grade re-issues of the very first boards of Matt Hensley and Danny Way. Shortly thereafter, Art Godoy, Eddie Elguera and Ron Allen’s board was released, followed by Tony Mag and John Schultes. 

All boards except Ron’s are the first boards these legendary riders had on H-Street and the artwork is painstakingly re-done by hand, following the brilliant minds of the Godoy brothers, Francesco Albertini and Scott Obradovich, who did the original artwork in the 80’s. The boards are made in California, hand silk screened with old school drill patterns and follow the original shape.

The Magnificent 7 Series of original re-issue boards are carefully restored with original specs and are manufactured in San Diego by the same factory that many of the original H-Street boards. They are all limited edition, numbered and hand silk screened. They come in a combination of Natural Wood, Full Dips, Standard Color Stain Veneers and the classic H-Street Split Color Veneers.