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John Schultes was one of the original Del Mar Skate Ranch rats and rode for T-Mags company UWS and Magnusson Designs. The two traveled quite a bit in the early days of 80’s skateboarding, including the very first skate camp in Visalia in Mag’s 1957 Karman Ghia, where they both met Mike Ternasky and the plans to form H-Street began.

It’s probably true that Schultes was the first rider on H-Street, besides T-Mag himself. John stayed with H-Street during the heyday of 80’s skating and was featured in both Shackle Me Not and Hokus Pokus.

John was good friends with the Godoy’s and the Klown graphic was drawn by Steve and many hours went into restoring it to its original glory.

The Magnificent Seven Series are made with original specs; old school hole patterns, shapes and the original Hell Concave. They are hand silk-screened and made in San Diego California at Watson Lam.

Every Limited Original Re-issue Series board from H-Street is individually numbered and classified by series letter. The first manufactured series being A, the second B, and so forth—meaning that this board is an original one-of-a-kind H-Street sanctioned re-issue as indicated by the laser mark and will never to be made with the same mark twice.

*All Dual, Tri-Split and solid stained wood come mixed in colors from the factory and images here are just one possible colorway of those treatments. Generally speaking, we request lighter and brighter colors, like Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, light or medium Blues, Green and such, since we think our graphics look better on those stains but every once in a while, we end up with darker colors or the more earth tone colors, especially as part of a Dual or Tri-Split. If you have a preference of the solid stained wood, please note that in the memo field for the order and we’ll do our best. Dual and Tri-Splits are so random that we cannot do that. If you prefer to be more certain of what you’ll get, order the full dips or naturals.

L 31 / W 9.9 / NOSE 4 / TAIL 6.25 / WHEELBASE 15.75