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T-Mag found a small cache of poster that were laying around his house somewhere from the 80’s.

This poster was printed around the mid 80’s, before H-Street really got going. Mag was living in Mission Beach with Dave Crabb and almost every day, the two friends would drive out to Henry’s ramp in La Mesa, kind of San Diego East County. It was a typical home made 80’s ramp, kind of a Gen 2 ramp, which means it was around 9.5’ tranny with a foot or so of vert. The Gen 1 ramps, the first ones that were built after the skateparks closed were all 8 foot tranny’s,

The poster is about 24" X 36" and they are in really good shape for something that was printed in the 80's. We've cut some edges to lose some fray and other imperfections.