Professional skateboarder Danny Way and childhood friend, Tommy Caudill both were raised in the Skateboarding and Surfing culture. It was more of a lifestyle than just a sport. They grew up traveling, skateboarding, and surfing all of the best spots in Southern California at a very young age.  Along this journey, they were introduced, influenced and developed strong friendships and working relationships with some of the Action Sports leading filmmakers, Athletes and business owners.

In the summer 1992, with an entrepreneur spirit, good ideas, and a lot of good connections within the Action sports industry, Tommy and Danny began their business venture into the Apparel & Retail business, creating the XYZ brand. It was originally a hardcore skate shop in Carlsbad, California selling all the leading brands while using the storefront as the home base.

XYZ began designing and producing its own clothing line, selling product through the retail store, mail-order and international distributors.  Only three years later, XYZ was recognized as a high profile lifestyle brand with its unique style, image, and top notch athletes.