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Art Godoy was part of the original H-Street crew and by extension, his twin brother Steve, both legendary skateboarders in the 80’s. They were both early innovators in tattoo art and punk rock music and took their art and attitude to create some of the best H-Street graphics of all time, that pioneered the merging of the skate/tattoo art and lifestyle.

Between the two of them, they created an art style for skateboard graphics that was totally unique and have never been duplicated and most of the really famous H-Street riders were fortunate enough to have the Godoy’s artwork as their graphics.

Art made a number of graphics featuring sea animals and scenes but this was the first one. Both Art and Steve were very creative with shapes at an early time in the 80’s and their mark on skateboarding is a permanent legacy.

The Magnificent Seven Series are made with original specs; old school hole patterns, shapes and the original Hell Concave. They are hand silk-screened and made in San Diego California at Watson Lam.

Every Limited Original Re-issue Series board from H-Street is individually numbered and classified by series letter. The first manufactured series being A, the second B, and so forth—meaning that this board is an original one-of-a-kind H-Street sanctioned re-issue as indicated by the laser mark and will never to be made with the same mark twice.

All painted boards (dipped) will ship as shown but all colored stained maple and the split stained maple will ship assorted. On the solid, you can request a particular color in the note section of the order and we’ll do our best but no guarantees on that. The split veneers are too random to even make the request.

L 32 / W 9.75 / NOSE 4.5 / TAIL 7 / WHEELBASE 15.5