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We finally have T-Mag’s crazy Cosmic Carbon decks he’s been riding for years, back in stock. Really since the early 80’s and before the beginning days of H-Street. These are made by one of the most advanced technical board California.

We are super stoked to be able to offer the Cosmic Carbonite decks in two weight classes;

The Carbonite.5 is a really thin 5-Ply deck for riders under 150 Lbs that can skate fairly hard, basically what T-Mag rides. It weighs a stunning 2.3 Lbs and measures around 0.285 in thickness (compare to 2.7 Lbs and 0.300 in thickness for Powell’s Flight Deck).

The Carbonite.6 is a 6-Ply deck for riders over 160 Lbs up, especially if you charge really pretty hard. It’s a bit thicker and considerably stiffer than the 5-Ply and your average 7 ply deck.

The idea with “Live Performance Flex” as T-Mag calls it, is that you want to have the board “feel alive” under your feet with the right amount of flex that springs back, not flexes out (which happens to old maple 7-ply’s). A board that flexes just right will make your skating feel and work better, especially when you’re dealing with less weight and additional strength of the Carbonite decks.

What happens with pretty much all boards is that they are made to work for the heaviest dudes out there. Manufacturing and selling boards in different weight classes is a total pain but really the only way to deliver some of T-Mag’s Cosmic Carbonite Magic to a large audience.

Both decks are made on a slightly modified version of Addison’s shape, a great all-around Park&Pool deck. They are laminated with two layers of a special weave of Cosmic Carbon Fibre with a structurally engineered Epoxy Resin in a heat-controlled mold, one at a time. All made on the Supreme Concave.

By comparison, the Powell Flight Deck has no Carbon, just Fiberglass, which is good but nothing compares to Carbon when it comes to strength, weight and performance.

The graphic is the original Hell Bat logo that Scott Obradovich did back in the 80’s. It originally said Hell Concave and we thought this would be a good re-purpose of this original artwork as the Cosmic Carbonite artwork.

The Carbon on this batch is a bit tougher than what we had ordered, so very strocg. But the finish on top is also a bit rough on some.

33.1 X 8.5 / NOSE 6.9 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 15.5