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We got together with skateboarder and artist Seth McCallum, who sent us a sample of his really cool miniature concrete work of a classic backyard pool. We asked him if he could incorporate the H-Street Mark Logo into the design and make enough of them so that we could offer it to all of our friends. Seth and T-Mag talked over the design possibilities and what he came back with blew us all away completely!

Here’s how Seth describes the art and process;

“This tiny kidney pool is made with anchoring cement and weighs about one pound. It is one original sculpture that has been hand carved with the H-Street Mark logo and then molded so that I could pour multiple pools for a larger custom batch. I was going for a kind of rubble/exposed aggregate look with the logo popping out of it. I used acrylic colors and clear coat, then to finish the piece added a cork bottom with a SM (Seth McCallum) brand.”

Seth started skating in 1998 when he was 10 years old. There was a video store down the street that had Hokus Pokus AND Shackle Me Not, which were huge sparks that ignited the fire for his lifelong love of rolling. Him and his skate bro’s watched those videos every day for years.

Here’s how he remembers those days; “I loved Ron Allen and Matt Hensley the most, though every person was cherished for their unique creativity, style, and gnarlyness!

A couple years later, El Gato and young Eric Koston stopped through our local park on their way to summer skate camp. Watching Koston skate changed my life. What I remember most is him doing every blunt and noseblunt variation peppered in between the most amazingly comfortable and stylish lines I had ever seen. Until this point my reality was vert guys and street guys, and to witness him do both in the most magical way was beyond inspirational.

My art is inspired by skateboarding because skateboarding is my life, and H-Street has always been a contributing foundational stone to anything I’ve created. I am incredibly stoked, honored, and thankful to be collaborating with my heroes. Thank you T-MAG!!”

Seth is also had an impressive skate career to, with local sponsorships through Fobia Skate Shop in Minneapolis and a local board company. While visiting Todd Bratrud at Consolidated Skateboards, Seth ended up on their team and even had a Pro Model in the late 90’s. In terms of his artwork, he describes his art this way;

“The creative process of making art for me is random, usually untimely and confusing. I have no idea why a certain idea in my head POPS and consumes my creative thought space more than the hundreds of other ideas. Equally confusing is the motivation to actually go through with the process, making it elusive and fleeting.

It’s rewarding to make something that I even want to share, and it’s really cool when other people like it too. I’m so thankful and grateful for that”

This is a really unique piece of handcrafted artwork that might not ever get made again and we have about 25 of these. They measure about 1.6 tall and 4 at the widest point, from the coping above the light to the stairs and weighs about 1 Pound. It features the H-Street Mark Logo, pool coping, a light, a drain and a set of shallow end stairs, like many backyard pools have. This is a celebration of the incredibly rich legacy that backyard pool skating has in the vast history of skateboarding.