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For those that don’t know, Eddie “El Gato” Elguera pretty much single handedly took skateboarding from a surfer style Dogtown thing to a technical and more physically demanding art form in the late 70’s into the early 80’s. Hailing from the east part of LA county, Eddie was a local at the infamous Colton skatepark that was run by the Losi’s who also had Variflex, Eddie probably most famous sponsor, besides H-Street.

In a way, you could say that Eddie Elguera was Tony Hawk before Tony Hawk. Eddie also came up at the same time as Duane Peters, who embraced a completely different look at skateboarding and way of riding. The two were quite the rivals back in the day but over the years and to this very day, they remain close friends even though they run in completely different circles.

At some point in the early 80’s, Eddie dropped out of skateboarding only to return just a few years later. Tony Mag had been an early rider for Variflex and knew Eddie a little, so T-Mag go the call from Eddie as H-Street was just getting going in 1986 or so, to see if H-Street would be interested in sponsoring Eddie. What Eddie probably didn’t know at the time is that Mag had been a huge fan and saw it as an honor to ride with Eddie. Over a few years, El Gato became a permanent part of the H-Street family and him and T-Mag have remained good friends all these years. Eddie had several really great boards with H-Street and was lucky enough to have had both Francesco and the Godoy’s draw graphics for him. Along with his early sense of backpool riding and ability to design shapes, Eddie’s board became some of the best-selling boards on H-Street.

In 2016, Eddie was finally recognized by the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame for his amazing abilities and impact on skateboarding, which is second to none. We thought this was a great time to celebrate the occasion by releasing a very limited run of commemorative stickers. There's 5 stickers in the pack.

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