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These rails are handmade in San Diego at Watson, where T-Mag and Jim cooked up an original rail design with UHMW (ultra high molecular weight plastic) which is an industrial compound that is very abrasion resistant and will cause these rails wear better and last longer than most others. The artwork on this label is a re-creation of the H-Street rails that were made in the 80’s.

Since rails are a little bit a thing of the 80's, we asked T-Mag how and why someone should consider using rails and here’s how he put it;

“This is a good question but there isn’t exactly a right answer; it really depends on preference and what you want the rails to do.  In my case, I have a full sheet of military carbon on the bottom and it’s for sure slicker than just wood, no doubt.  My rails are thin and low and are mounted on the edge of the board and the Supreme Concave is fairly deep, so as a result, I don’t slide on the rails, as you can tell in most photos of my board (the middle is all scratched up). 

My preference is to use rails for grabbing and that’s why I have them. My rails are also not mounted with traditional screws, since my custom carbon board is very thin and the screw holes creates a bunch of weak points. I recently figured out that I can mount them with this industrial double sided adhesive and because I don’t slide on them, they stay put.  Plus they never rattle this way either, a super good solution all the way around for me.

If you look at Stevie Cab’s rails, they are a bit thicker and taller and they are mounted in a bit and you can tell he slides on the rails, since the board isn’t scratched up at all. That works for his style of skating and he’s got one of the meanest, raddest board and lipslides around.

So there’s a few different reasons people use rails and it all comes down to preference and performance. For too long, people have just been riding popsicle decks and the art & science of finding out what you like, in terms of shape, dimensions (especially wheelbase), construction, concave and other components have been a bit of a lost art. This is a great time in skateboarding, since this lost art is being rediscovered by many old school skaters and since skateboarding really is about freedom and individual expression, it’s a fun process to figure out what you like and what works for you.

One thing that I would really encourage almost all older park skaters to try is a longer wheelbase; nothing under 15” and everyone should try riding a 16” wheelbase, which is what I’m riding. 16” has better stability and just makes for a better ride. But rails are a great way to customize your ride and make it perform better for you”

These rails are 14" long, 1/2" wide and  3/8" tall and come in very assorted colors and if you'd like T-Mag to make you some custom ones, email us intel@h-street.com. You can get different lengths, widths and perhaps other custom dimensions, plus if you wanna try T-Mag's adhesive installation system of the rails, that's also available. Price and time quoted via email.