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Isiah Hilt is a Southern California renaissance man, if there ever was one. He’s straight outta Compton and localizes in Venice Beach, where he not only owns the legendary skatepark on the beach but also does boardwalk performance shows with his crew, the Calypso Tumblers.

Skating in Venice is like a public performance everyday and no one thrives on this more so than Isiah. He’s taken the concrete at this park and found his own way to skate it. No one has a more unique and individual style and way to skate the Venice Park. It’s simply something to marvel at, should you ever be so fortunate to find yourself in Venice and see it for yourself.

Isiah left home at 14 and without skateboarding and his incredibly positive attitude, his life could have turned out very different. In his case, he’s got way too much creative energy that was only going to show up to the good. Not only for him but for all around him. When you see him go, he’s truly the master of ceremonies, whether it’s skateboarding, tumbling and flipping on sidewalk or just holding court. Infectious personality doesn’t even begin to describe it. And he loves the kids at Venice!

A few months back, him and T-Mag got together to work out a Pro Model design for Isiah. After hearing his creative input on what kind of art could possibly represent this blue haired young ripper, it was clear that H-Street super artist Fian Arroyo had to be called in for the job. Between the three of them, this is the final design they came up with after days and hours of brainstorming, drawing and revising.

This project is also done in collaboration with his other two major sponsors, Black Pyramid Clothing and Raycon Premium Audio.

The Park&Pool Epoxy Everslick deck is made by Legend Skates in California and is built with the innovative and totally unique design called Pop Wedge, which has an extra layer of dyed hardrock Maple laminated into the tail and nose, using a special vacuum technology molding process that creates a better, longer lasting pop.

The specs are 32.2 X 8.5, with a 14.3 Wheel base and 6.75 Tail and 7.25 Nose.

We are also offering Isiah's model in 4 standard Pop Shape sizes, 7.9, 8.1, 8.25 and 8.5. and in a Pop shape Epoxy Slick in 8.1 and 8.25.

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