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Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels   
55mm | 60mm | 65mm | 70mm | 75mm

Kryptonics Wheels are some of the most classic and timeless products in all of Skateboarding history. Everyone rode them back in the day when they first burst onto the scene in 1976. After the miraculous invention of Urethane for skateboard wheels, Kryptonics blew everyone’s mind by having the most colorful and performance oriented Urethane wheels of the time.

Kryptonics went for a totally comprehensive solution, by originally offering three different hardnesses (Durometers) and a selection of different sizes, so that they became the go-to solution for just about any terrain and any rider. The Red Wheels were soft, the Blue Wheels were medium and the Green Wheels were hard and that is still the case today, except they’ve added an even softer color-way, Yellow.

Choosing the right wheels for your set up is one of the most critical and important aspects of getting a quality ride that is both safe and enjoyable. There’s simply no “right way” and it all comes down to your individual riding style and preference.

Skateboard wheels are also very technical in the way they affect your ride, so choosing the right wheel for the job is not exactly an easy task either. It very much depends on the riding surface, your weight, skill and riding style. To further add to the challenge, choosing the right board and trucks are also an important part of the process, in order to get the optimum performance and the “Right Ride”.

Generally speaking, softer wheels will perform better on rougher surfaces and in general grip better and not “slide out”. Harder wheels will go faster but only on surfaces that are smooth enough to let hard wheels perform well, such as Skatelite or concrete at a quality made skatepark. Harder wheels will also slide easier, which depending on your riding preference, can be a good thing.

It’s also important that you know how hardness is measured. Wheel hardness goes by the “Durometer A” scale and soft wheels are around 75A durometer, medium wheels are around 82A and hard wheels are above 86A. The Pro wheels that T-Mag and most Pro’s ride are over 100A.

Another factor that matters is the riding surface.  Just how much Urethane is touching the ground? Wider wheels will have more riding surface, which means they will “stick” better, having more traction, but more riding surface also means a small loss of speed which does come with better traction and stability. Everything is a trade off to arrive at what performs best for you, or situation and what you’re comfortable with.

Another interesting fact to point out when choosing a wheel let’s say for racing slalom is that a larger wheel will roll faster in the long run once it gets up to speed, but a smaller wheel will roll faster out of the gate and can be the better choice for shorter runs and courses. That’s why smaller wheels are commonly used in street skating and smaller stuff, because acceleration matters more than top speed for that style of skating, another “trade-off”.

Larger wheels will help negotiate rough surfaces better than smaller ones, so choosing the right size for your intended ride and surface is also quite important. Keep in mind that wheels over 60MM will need riser pads and/or a board that will accommodate the larger size wheels without causing “Wheel Bite”. This is what Wheel Wells are for and are common on long boards and park boards or wheel cut-outs in the shape of the board. 

Also, Urethane is a high-tech performance material that increases in cost with volume, so larger wheels cost more than smaller ones, so no need to get anything bigger than what’s needed or desired. Having said that, the 75MM Red Krypto’s are totally amazing on a properly set up Cruiser/Park board.

Main Features;

■ Yellow Wheels, 76A Durometer, Super Cushie and Fast!

■ Red Wheels, 78A Durometer, Soft and Fast!

■ Blue Wheels, 82A Durometer, Firm and Fast!

■ Green Wheels, 86A Durometer, Hard and Fast!

All the above Durometers of Kryptonic Star Trac wheels come in:

55mm | 60mm | 65mm | 70mm | 75mm

The Limited Edition 76A Yellow Formula delivers a fast, smooth roll even on very rough surface conditions. The soft, forgiving compound absorbs shock and swallows bumps to keep the wheel on the ground, fast and in control. These wheels are perfect for fun cruiser boards or as a way to learn to ride without having to worry that you’ll “slide out”.

The unique 78A Red Formula delivers a fast and smooth roll even on very rough surfaces. The soft, forgiving compound keeps your wheels on the ground and you in control. The Reds are probably the most classic Kryptonics Wheel formula and works well on cruisers, longboards and even Park & Pool boards for learning.

The 82A Blue Formula is firm, smooth, and very fast. It is designed for versatile riders who demand high performance on various riding surfaces. It’s a versatile wheel soft enough for a smooth ride, hard enough for high speed hill bombing and controlled high speed sliding and is the perfect first choice for a more performance level Urethane.

The high performance 86A Green Formula is the hardest of the classic colored urethanes, yet it has the same incredible resilience found in the softer wheels. It’s best used where the surface is reliable smooth, like skateparks or ramps and for someone that is looking to add speed to their ride. The Green Kryptonics are THE most classic as seen in some of the most Iconic skate photos ever taken of Jay Adams, Shogo Kubo, Marty Grimes and Steve Alba.

Size Technical Data;

■ Diameter 55 MM, Riding Surface 38 MM, Bearing Inside Offset 2 MM

■ Diameter 60 MM, Riding Surface 39 MM, Bearing Inside Offset 2 MM

■ Diameter 65 MM, Riding Surface 40 MM, Bearing Inside Offset 2 MM

■ Diameter 70 MM, Riding Surface 44 MM, Bearing Inside Offset 9 MM

■ Diameter 75 MM, Riding Surface 45 MM, Bearing Inside Offset 10 MM

The Bearing Inside Offset on the 70 MM and 75 MM means that the wheels won’t quite “stick out” on the entire riding surface and if you’re trying to determine edge aligned to your board, you’ll need to deduct this measurement. The Bearing Inside Offset of the 55-65 MM is almost negligible.

As an example, if you have the Theeve 165 MM trucks and you want to get the Krypto’s 75 MM wheels and you need to know how wide of a board you’ll need, you can simply add up the Riding Surface X 2, which is 90 MM, minus the Offset X 2, which comes to 70 MM, then add the width of the trucks of 165 MM, which is 235 MM, then convert to Inches, which is 9.25”, which would be the ideal width of board for those trucks and wheels, give or take 0.25” or so.

The package contains a set of 4 wheels.