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The legendary Hensley King Size Limited Edition Eagle, D Series is now available to order here at the H-Street store. The D Series is all full dips and hand silk screened at Watson Lam. It’s made with all original specs including the Hell Concave and the Old School hole pattern. There are 150 decks in the D Series.

The graphics to the Kingsize Eagle were drawn by Francesco Jekill Albertini, who was inspired by bold, single color printed deck graphics from the 70’s and figured that Matt would really like such a simple and bold concept, and he was right.

The Italian skate artist found the American Eagle as the perfect image and inspiration and the Kingsize Eagle would become one of H-Street’s most treasured designs and iconic art of the 80’s era and it’s now officially available for the first time since the 80’s. When asked about his design process, Jekill said this;

“I always thought about this rule: 1st have an idea; 2nd figure out how it will arrange on the board; 3rd try to make it properly, also considering screening implications. Well, I went through the process, and kept it one color and super clean as I told myself. Then after some weeks or months, I can’t tell, I went to visit San Diego again, and simply presented it to Tony, Mike and Matt himself, without anyone having asked for it and not even any plans about making a new board/graphics for Matt being in place. I always loved this attitude at H-Street, where things just happened this way, out of instinct and passion.“

Because there are so many options in making the Kingsize Eagle design, we started with all the naturals in the A Series, the B Series is all Dyed Veneer and the D Series is all full dips. The C Series was the special Caballero edition.

We will also have some really cool custom treatments, according to Damon at Watson, who says he’s got some ideas, so we’ll see what that amounts to. We are planning to ship the D Series in late August.

L32 / W 9.75 / NOSE 5.5 & 6.25 / TAIL 6.5 / WHEELBASE 15 & 14.5