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The Matt Hensley Stained Glass model was his last and perhaps most notorious H-Street graphic, as it transitioned the classic 80’s shape into the more modern kick nose and symmetrical shapes.

Matt had come into the H-Street office and worked with T-Mag on a “double tailed” design for a shape, which a few of the more modern street skaters at the time were also working on. A few years later, that turned into the modern and rather basic “popsicle shape”, which has been ubiquitous in skateboarding ever since its introduction.

In last few years, Old School shapes and other non-popsicle shapes have made a huge comeback and Matt’s Stained Glass shape is very much a good mix between retro and the more modern Old School shape.

The graphic is of course one of the most legendary of the entire H-Street collection. Here’s what Matt had to say about its original origin;

“I was in a hotel room in Colorado with Steve Ortega and this local artist gave me a rough sketch of me in the sitting-on-the-stairs pose. Jeff Klindt redid it and is credited with the final version, as he’s the one who added the stained-glass backdrop, but the first sketch came from a skater in Colorado.

The idea behind it came a bit from a Minor Threat cover. It had a melancholy feeling surrounding it, which is kind of the way I was feeling at the time.”

The board is made in the USA and constructed with high quality maple wood and available in a variety of natural, stained and full dips, they are hand silk screened in San Diego by Bold Design, who also does the fade screening on an individual basis, so they are all somewhat individually unique. The B Series is a limited run of decks and marked as such, including the series number and comes with an Old School hole pattern.

32.25 X 9.1 / NOSE 6 / TAIL 6.25 / WHEELBASE 15