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A while back, Ron Allen sent Tony Mag images of two T-Shirt designs that Jeff Klindt had done for a skateshop back in the 80’s, probably before H-Street even got started. They were in good shape and had enough letters for Mag to get creative and re-arrange them to spell out H-Street and Ron Allen and create a cool graphic by a rather influential artist and skater from Nor Cal.

The Boneless character was re-created pretty much exactly what was on the shirt and we were all stoked to have discovered Ron’s finding of Jeff Klindt’s long lost artwork, which is just brilliant. Ron’s been a professional skateboarder for more than 30 Years and this art project commemoration decks by Ron and H-Street, featuring original artwork by Jeff Klindt, who was Ron’s total bro, before passing on to the heavenly skate spot in the 90’s.

Jeff was one of those guys mostly behind the scene, who helped shape skateboarding for the better. He was a good example of all-around creativity that inspired young guys to skate and make art. He was in at the start of Deluxe when it was just Thunder and Spitfire before Real was launched. Jeff was an artist and musician. His band, Wonderful Broken Thing, was featured throughout the soundtrack of the Hokus Pokus video and he was an Am rider for the early H-Street team, with a few appearances in the videos.

He did number of legendary graphics, including Henry Sanchez and Tommy G and worked with Ron Allen on the whole “No Scratch Graphic” concept, which became quite the industry thing for a couple of years in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Perhaps he’s most famous for the Ron Allen Shackle Me Not graphic that was the Street model that came out in the 80’s and Matt Hensley Church Glass window graphic. Jeff left a huge impression on the 80’s and 90’s generation of skateboarders and may he rest in peace as he will be remembered forever.

The Ron Allen Klindt Art Special 30 Year Commemoration Park&Pool deck is a modern-retro shape made in California by Legend Skates and features Pop Wedge for additional pop and durability in the nose and tail. The Epoxy Everslick version features a highly abrasion resistant slick layer that is laminated with Epoxy with a digitally printed graphic that is more scratch resistant that standard graphics.

 32.5 X 9 / NOSE 6.5 / TAIL 6.5 / WHEELBASE 15.25