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Ron Allen has travelled to just about every state in the Union on a skate, music or art mission and as such, he came across this cool cat in Ohio named Bob Hickman, who has a small skate company there called Puppet Skates. Bob’s been involved with skateboarding since he was 13 and the first H-Street board he had back in the day was Ron’s Shackle Me Not deck.

Life has a way of coming full circle and when Ron and Mag asked Bob to do a guest graphic of Ron’s classic Shackle Me Not deck, it became a high point in Bob’s art career. Bob’s also been involved in the hip-hop community and made some beats for Ron’s new album, so the artist colab just made a whole lot of sense.

T-Mag and Bob spent a number of hours making the graphic fit the board and work with Watson silk screen process.  The board is made on the H-Street Advanced Universal Park&Pool Standard shape which features design & functionality from the 80’s mixed with more modern design aspects for a well-rounded and comprehensive ride in a variety of environments.

The construction is the updated and standard 4-3 layup, that features a good mix between thin, light and stiff and this board rides really well for most weights. 

The H-Street X Hickman guest art for the Ron Allen deck is built on the Supreme Concave technology; the ultimate design to ride any park, pool or ramp.  The Supreme concave features a seamless and elliptical concave curve across the body of the board and a dual radius curved tail with a fair amount of concave. The dual radius in combination of the concave tail forms a pocket for your back foot that is unbelievably comfortable and secure.

It’s made in California at Watson Lam and constructed with high quality maple wood and available in a variety of natural, stained and full dips with the best custom silk screen job that could be had anywhere. There is only 50 made in the A Series of the H-Street X Hickman guest art for the Ron Allen deck and it’s laser marked as such, including the series number.

32.5 X 9 / NOSE 6.5 / TAIL 6.5 / WHEELBASE 15.25