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Alpha Girl Ruby Lilley is force to be reckoned with at any skatepark. Growing up in Ocean City MD, she learned a variety of arts, besides skateboarding and handmade tie-dying T-Shirts is one of them. We got together with her to introduce the collaboration with her and her skate crew Alpha Girls, which is our newly formed girl’s division. Here’s how she talks about her art and artistic venture, Ruby’s Groovies;

“I think I was four when I tie dyed my first shirt or silk scarf.  I loved watching the colors appear and overlap. I grew up in a family completely immersed in the fiber and textile arts. I loved our fiber pets: goats, sheep, bunnies, and even silkworms.

I learned to knit, spin, and weave at an early age. It is all very meditative and fun.

I love art.

I love skateboarding.

I love to create. I feel that when I create, I take everything that's inside of me and put it towards my art.

Like skateboarding, creating is another outlet for expressing myself and a great way to escape.

It all seems interconnected.

Skate & create.

Create & skate.

I feel like I’m the most fulfilled by skating and creating.”

The shirts are all handmade and are different from each other, so they are available in color categories and sizes. The T-Shirts are all high-end Anvil shirts that Ruby personally tie dyes and then Lady Luck Print Co. silk screens the Alpha Girls Mark Logo on the bottom waist area. These unique and handmade T-Shirts are available in very limited quantities (there’s only so many T-Shirts the young ripper has time for in between skating 24/7 and school).