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Tony Mag and Hackett got together with Salba over in the summer of 2018 and worked on a guest model for him, with his really unique and exclusive stencil art. They both went to his house in the Badlands area and filmed the whole process. It took a while to work out the production art to accurately reflect Salba’s stencil art. Mag was super stoked to work with Salba on his art, it’s really unique and cool.

Steve Alba has been a near permanent fixture in backyard pool skating since the 70’s. He was one of the early pioneers of both early skatepark pool skating and later, the classic backyard pool. Salba is the skateboarders skater, someone who will show up and shred just about anything you put in front of him and has left a permanent mark on skateboarding as one of the biggest legends our lifestyle has ever seen.

He’s spent years doing artwork and playing music with his band, Powerflex 5 and is a regular feature in art shows around the world and various skate related gigs.

The Supreme concave features a seamless and elliptical concave curve across the body of the board and a dual radius curved tail with a fair amount of concave. The dual radius in combination of the concave tail forms a pocket for your back foot that is unbelievably comfortable and secure.

The deck is a dual drilled Salba shape that’s made in California at Watson Lam and constructed with high quality maple wood in the 5-2 configuration, which is suitable for heavier duty pool skaters and available in a variety of natural, stained and full dips with the best silk screen job that could be had anywhere.

There is only 60 made in the A Series of the Salbatage guest version and it’s laser marked as such, including the series number.

If you pre-order this now, you will not be charged until we actually ship the product, this is a feature we were not able to offer before. Pre-ordering will help us a ton to gauge what’s more popular and by doing that, we’re also offering free griptape and a pre-order price of 69.00, which will be at least $10.00 less than when Salba’s deck is actually available in the store.

32.75 X 9 / NOSE 6.8, 6.3 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 15, 15.5