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We’ve been working with these guys in Australia that makes this amazing product called The Cream, which is a specially formulated Liniment to help speed up your recovery from general soreness, injuries and rehabilitation!

The Cream Skateboarding Liniment is an Australian designed product solely dedicated to looking after skater's well being and their ability to bounce back after injury, or even just after a hard day's riding.

The Cream was co-founded by two friends in 2010 who have shared a lifelong obsession for skateboarding and a desire to help others with their skate-inflicted injuries. As an older skater, T-Mag swears by this stuff!

After many years of research and testing they’ve been able to developed a strong formula which is made from traditional herbal medicines to assist in the relief of sprains, swelling, bruises and joint pain - allowing you to recover quicker from any physical activity.

The Cream aids your body in the relief of sprains, swelling, bruises, bone and joint pain. The Cream Liniment consists of;

■ Menthol

■ Arnica Oil

■ Camellia Oil

■ Comfrey Extract

■ Vitamin E

■ Coconut Oil

■ Shea Nut Butter

■ Vanilla

Using The Cream will help to temporarily relieve you from aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with;

■ Backache

■ Arthritis

■ Strains

■ Bruises

■ Sprains

The use The Cream, apply a large coin sized amount to the affected and surrounding area until fully absorbed. Do this 2-3 times a day, combined with some stretching, if that isn’t painful or causes discomfort.


Tony Mag;

“To my great surprise, I’m still able to skate at a fairly high level in my 50’s, after a life time of constant skating, a half dozen surgeries and countless injures. With good care, a lot of ice and advil and a good Liniment, like The Cream, you can make skateboarding a lifetime of enjoyment. The key really is to prevent injures as issues come up and The Cream is just excellent at fixing small issues before they become serious injuries and I’m stoked to be using it.”

 Corey Duffel

"My limbs would have fallen off without The Cream."

 Chima Ferguson

"The Cream keeps me in the game and on the ball. All day everyday!"

 Brad McClain

"The Cream is perfect when you're skating every single day.  It will easily become a daily ritual and your body will thank you for it.  It's for when your mind says Yes but your body needs some motivating!  Doesn't hurt that it smells good too, ha!"

 Jordan Hoffart

"When I was a kid I thought I was invincible, jumping off shit all day, everyday.  If it wasn't for The Cream I'd be damn near crippled by now.  I learned to take care of my body the hard way.  So I'm fortunate to have a product that can help rectify my carelessness."


Use only as directed; DO NOT get The Cream into your eyes and DO NOT use on open wounds or damaged skin and don’t put a tight qwrap over an area that you’ve applied The Cream to.

The Cream is fully FDA compliant and listed. Store The Cream below 30’C / 86'F for best effectiveness. Net Weight 1.4 oz (40 GR).

The Cream is made by skateboarders for skateboarders in Australia.