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We linked up with Theeve Trucks and Surplus Distribution to be able to offer the best trucks ever made, after T-Mag got a hold of a set of these high performance trucks.

They feature a one piece “Axleless” Titanium Hanger that is up to twice as strong and 20% lighter than anything else on the market. The Ti-Hanger is about 8 times harder than aluminum alloy, lending them exceptional longevity. The hanger and axle is machined from one single block of Titanium, with no separate axle rod, so the axle can never slip.

The Ti-Hanger Theeve Truck ships with high quality bushings right out the box and even the most particular pro skaters are able to ride these trucks immediately, without a break-in period, something that T-Mag was quite amazed at. In addition, the turning radius and responsiveness is snappier and better than the truck that has been considered to be the market leader in turning ability for decades, hence the name “Theeve True Turn Geometry”, which accurately describes the Theeve turning experience .

The baseplate is high grade aluminum and the Kingpin is hollow Steel for strength and lightness. Altogether, the truck weighs a mere 0.660 Lbs or 299 GR.

Theeve has created the best and highest performing truck system that we’ve ever seen, so we’re stoked to be able to offer these trucks here.

The Ti-Hanger we offer is exactly a 150 MM  (5.85”) hanger, suitable for a board ranging from 8.3 to about 8.6, depending on shape.

The Ti-Hanger Trucks are also only available as a pre-order at the moment, by emailing us at and we'll let you know when they become available. The price is for a set of two trucks.

While the Ti-Hanger is an expensive proposition, T-Mag swears by these trucks and his custom carbon boards. If you’d like to experience the high performance of Theeve in a less expensive package, check out the Ti-King in our store here.