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We just got a few Special Edition signed Yuro Old School Park&Pool decks, while he was on a whirlwind visit to California. There is only 10 of these decks.

Yuro Nagahara is a young ripper from Nagano, Japan. He came to California for several AM Combi competitions, where T-Mag immediately noticed his super smooth and flowing style, mixed with an incredible talent for skateboarding. We’ve sponsored Yuro for a few years and it was high time to turn him Pro and recognize his incredible skateboarding with a model of his own.

Creating art for a young skateboarder is tougher than it seems and T-Mag called up H-Street super artist Fian Arroyo for the task. To both their delight, Yuro had some excellent ideas around traditional Japanese dragon art, which is totally up Fian’s alley. The three of them spent a couple of months working this totally killer design. Even Yuro’s dad got in on the design party and helped with some traditional lettering.

The Tengu warrior is a historical Japanese folklore super natural being. Yuro’s graphic shows off a classic and mythical Japanese’s sea serpent, engaged in a mortal battle with the god-like Tengu fighter.

You can choose signed on top or the bottom.

Yuro's model is also available in basic Pop shapes.

33.5 X 10 / NOSE 6.5 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 16