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H-Street super artist Fian Arroyo was born in Puerto Rico, went around the world with his family where he learned to draw and skate and then ended up in Florida where he runs deep in the Florida skate scene and was a local at Olliewood with Alan Gelfand and his crew. Through mutual friends, Fian and T-Mag connected and together, created a number of unique and innovative graphics for H-Street.

Along the way, Fian married a wonderful girl named Lisa and they have two kids, including Devyn Raye, who studying marketing at East Carolina University. When she saw that her dad was helping us to build a girls program for H-Street, she grabbed one of hers dads decks and painted a graphic for the H-Street Alpha Girls. The proud dad helped out and created the butterfly Mark logo and of course, T-Mag assembled the “The Smiling Sun” into production art.

Devyn is a creative and enterprising being, with her eyes on designing her own surf and skate line. She grew up both skating and surfing and we look forward to featuring more art by this awesome young artist. With her incredibly talented dad as inspiration, who knows what she’ll come up with.

We are also partnering up with The Poseiden Foundation that is an organization that promotes girls skating, so a portion of sales will be donated to them. So if you’re into supporting the H-Street Alpha Girls and girls skating in general through The Poseiden Foundation, this is the deck that you want to get.

The Devyn Raye’s Smiling Sun graphic comes in two standard Pop shape sizes, 8.5 and 8.