Bob Hickman is skateboarder, artist, musician and true renaissance man from Ohio and with a couple of buddies and started started Puppet Skateboards, based on Bob’s art and no nonsense approach. Here’s how Bob recalls it;

“Around 2017 I asked my two friends Jason and Kris if they wanted to start a skate company that would make no money and hardly anyone would know who we were but it would be fun. So I drew a sock puppet and had it put on a board and called it Puppet, because honestly, everyone has someone else pulling their stings. Sad but true. That year Matt Hensley let me do a guest deck that turned out horribly wrong and I almost shut it down because of the disappointment but I only really wanted to draw skate graphics and let people scratch them up.

When the popsicles came out in the 90's it was all about who had the sickest graphics and that was my favorite time in skateboarding and I always wanted to do that. Now 2 years later I've been blessed enough to do graphics for myself, H-Street, local skate shops and other people and it seems to be paying off.  It’s never about money or recognition but just drawing something on a board that people were stoked on and enjoyed destroying.”

Bob’s doing a few guest graphics for H-Street and working with T-Mag on graphics that celebrates the H-Street artistic heritage and design and we are stoked to offer a few of his decks here at the H-Street shop. They are made using the finest Canadian hardrock maple and Puppet Skates represents the true Midwest mentality of quality DIY.