H-Street is proud to present our Vault Program. In 2013, H-Street as a brand was relaunched. At the forefront of our mind was the importance of staying true to the history and legacy that H-Street, the team riders and the graphics were originally about.

To do this required the tedious job of taking the iconic 80’s graphics that were long gone and resurrecting them into the digital age. Each graphic requires an enormous amount of time and even research to bring back the full effect of the original. T-Mag along with a handful of the original artists set out to do this with each Re-Issue graphic that is released. All our Re-Issues are done in limited runs, with unique colorways for that run and marked by a series and numbering sequence. This format continues as we release more of the classic H-Street graphics.

Over the years of making the Re-Issue decks we have held back a few of each deck, of the series released that had lower numbers, mainly for us to have as references. Because we are contacted on a regular basis by people asking if we have certain releases still available, we have decided to create the Vault Program.

Here we will offer the opportunity for you to purchase decks that otherwise have been stored in the H-Street vault since the time they were produced. The deck available will have all the details and photos. We hope that this will be a fun way to give everyone an opportunity to have a part of the H-Street history that we have created. This program is available on eBay and images on the Vault page will link to it, so if you are looking for a specific graphic keep checking here.