Plan B and H-Street have a long and shared history and we are proud and stoked to feature the legendary brand here in the H-Street shop.

Plan B Skateboards began in the early 90’s as the skateboard industry made a move into a more progressive era. The upstart mastermind was led by Mike Ternasky who featured team riders like Danny way, Matt Hensley, Mike Carroll, Sean Scheffey, and Rick Howard.

In 2005, Plan B re-launched with an added set of professionally elite skaters. The new team then consisted of Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, PJ Ladd, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay and Danny Way. These well known pro skateboarders were some of the biggest names back then and now thanks to wins at the Street League, Maloof, Tampa Pro, X-Games, and the Dew Tour.

Plan B has prevailed through the hard times and has produced a brand that is familiar throughout the global skateboard community featuring top of the line skateboards that are made in North America. Thanks to a stacked team of super pro skateboarders and a strong product selection including decks, wheels and clothes for skateboarding and more, Plan B now is one of the strongest skateboard brands out there, still headed up by Danny Way and Colin McKay.