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Julian Torres grew up in San Pedro, California and was the ultimate Vans Combi local, along with the legendary local spot, Channel Street. He skated just about all the AM Combi contests with skill, style and determination in a way that got T-Mag to take serious notice.

His lines and approach to skateboarding is smooth and effortless and is a joy to watch. Nowadays, Julian is all grown up and Mag thought it was time to work on a graphic together. Between the ideas the two of them had, it was obvious that H-Street’s super artist Fian Arroyo was needed for the task to bring the ideas alive in the spectacular way he always does.

Whenever Mag and Fian get together to work on graphic, there are many underlying meanings to the images they create and this is certainly no different. When asked about it, Mag just said “it’s in the eye of the beholder” and left it that. The graphic is called “Illusion” with all relevant meaning that comes with that, certainly up to you to interpret as you like.

We are super stoked to work with Julian and Fian on this amazing piece of artwork and product.

The T-Shirt is a standard fitted 100% Cotton of exceptional high quality, with Digital DTG print which is different from silk screening. This process makes a smoother and lighter print that “breathes” better than silk-screening and does better with a gentle wash cycle, inside out.