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Spanish tattoo artist Miguel Villaverde designed both of OG Alpha Girl Addison Taylor decks and did a number of logo’s and designs for the H-Street Alpha Girls program, including this logo deck design.

Miguel runs the super popular ink shop Estudio Amanita Tattoo in Bembibre, Spain, along with his wonderful wife Sara, who is also an ink artist. Check him out on FB at @MiguelVillaverdeC.

Miguel grew up skating Spain and has a huge passion for skateboarding and H-Street and ended up connecting with Addison randomly through social media. The two struck up a conversation at around the time that Addison and T-Mag was working on building the Alpha Girls program for H-Street and the rest is history.

After Addison’s deck first came out, Miguel and Sara was visiting a tattoo convention in the US and they made the effort to come to San Diego and meet up at our girls silk screening party in Carlsbad. We all had the most awesome time meeting up with both Miguel and Sara and hope that they will continue to be part of the H-Street Familia.

The Alpha Beanie Babe logo comes in two standard Pop shape sizes, 8.5 and 8.

The H-Street Alpha Girls program features several different boards, tee’s and other cool product that are designed and inspired by Addison Taylor. The boards are made with the highest quality available anywhere, just like any of the other decks we make.