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Santa Monica and Venice California, known as "DogTown" in the Surfing and skateboard worlds have always been a hotbed of Radical Talent and Hardcore Riders. Original Z-Boy and DogTown Legend, Marty Grimes is one of skateboardings most underrated rippers of the sport and as skateboardings first black professional riders, him and his brother Clyde are also responsible for busting down the racial barriers of the times. 

Discovered in 1975 by fellow Legend and DEATHBOX® rider Wentzle Ruml shredding around outside after a surf movie at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, he was put on the EZ-Rider team with Jay Adams and Tony Alva. Soon after that Marty was stylishly shredding the infamous DogTown Pools like Canyon Pool, Rabbit Hole and the Keyhole along with the legendary Z-Flex team of Jay Adams, Shogo Kubo, George Wilson, Polar Bear and Jimmy Plumer. 

Soon after joining the Z-Flex team it was clear that Marty was not only "holding his own" on a team of legends, but was named "The Original Rubberman" by the Radical and Wild Speed and Style in which he Destroyed these early Pools. Not long after that, history was made once again when Z-Flex came out with the Marty Grimes Model (The first Black Pro Skater to have his own signature model) 

Since these early DogTown Days, much has been written, said and memorialized about DogTown and the Legend of the Z-Boys, but many still don’t know the Legend and accomplishments of Marty Grimes - A true DogTown Legend!

In 2020, Marty Grimes was nominated to be inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, which was way overdue and so deserved!

In 2019, we introduced the DEATHBOX® Marty Grimes “POOL BOMB” Limited Edition Guest Model! In response to popular demand, we are now offering the legendary design in standard street pop shapes in assorted colors and 5 sizes.