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We got together with legendary Tattoo Artist Flako to work on a rather unique and special art project for a remake Guest Art version of a very special H-Street Original graphic, the Matt Hensley King Size Eagle that was originally drawn by Francesco “Jekill” Albertini in the 80’s. The Kingsize Eagle was one of the most popular decks we made back in the day and a few years ago, Steve Caballero did a guest art version of this legendary deck that was a trend setter for many of the artist renditions of the classic H-Street graphics we’ve done and continue to do.

Flako is a West Coast script type lettering specialist and ink artist, with his talented hands in a number of art projects and collaborations. His take on West Coast style is known and revered worldwide. In his own words, he’s a “Badass Mothaf’er from South East San Diego Drop the Mic, Exit Stage Left”

Flako also worked with his bro and ink artist Dominick Taylor for this collaboration. Dominick specializes in charcoal art, along with traditional ink skills and most of the Eagle is just pure charcoal technique, along with Flako’s hand drawn type and logo, both on the bottom and top. This is Flako and Dominque’s West Coast take on Francesco’s classic art.

The deck is handmade in California by Legend Skates with a process color transfer print.

We’re making this on the Full Size Mini shape that Matt and his buddy Ned Hadden from Assault Skates designed when we re-issued the classic Hensley Mini graphic, so that there’d be a more skate-able version of that deck. This shape is rather reminiscent of the original idea of having a streamlined double  tail street deck that Matt and T-Mag worked on back in the day.

The Full Size Mini shape is perfect for modern/retro skating in parks or street and makes a good collector item too.

Legend Skates has also created the innovative and totally unique design called Pop Wedge, which has an extra layer of dyed hardrock Maple laminated into the tail and nose, using a special vacuum technology molding process that creates a better, longer lasting pop.

32.5 X 8.9 / NOSE 6.8 / TAIL 6.6 / WHEELBASE 14.75