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This is the 30 Anniversary Special Edition issue by Freelance Guest Artist Todd Lancaster that we are making at the end of 2021.

Of course, some basic math would have H-Street starting in 1991, which is obviously way off. Truth is, this board was designed in 2018 by Todd , who has a whole story about how this design came about and due to circumstances known only to T-Mag, we ended up 3 years behind this rather special celebration.

If you ask Mag, H-Street was founded in 1985, since that is when all original plans were formed in his Swedish Meatball head. Which is what he’d say, if you asked him. Products really came out in 1987, so we were behind even in 2018. But better late than never, as they say. Especially since the graphic is totally awesome.

In 2017, Todd had inquired with us if H-Street was the brand that had done T-Mag’s Going To Hell graphic that our legendary OG artist Francesco Jekill Albertini had designed back in the late 80’s, which of course we confirmed. Todd had managed to crack his skull riding that board and has only a partial deck that remains of that deck, that is also all scratched up. So he wasn’t totally sure.

Him and Mag got talking about doing the anniversary deck and Todd came up with the concept of all the OG H-Street characters coming back from Hell, kinda relating to the experience that most older skaters have, in fact, having gone to Hell and Back. A concept T-Mag totally agreed with.

We made them in two Park&Pool sizes, the Red one is 32.75 X 8.75, with a 7.1 Nose, a 6.75 Tail and a 14.5 Wheelbase.

The Purple one is 32.25 X 8.5, with a 7.1 Nose, a 6.75 Tail and a 14.25 Wheelbase.