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The Tony Mag Kid’n’Cross deck was originally drawn by Francesco Jekill Albertini in the later 80’s. It came out after the Alien and was originally made by Taylor-Dykema and UWS. It was originally laminated on the Hell Concave and while it’s been re-issued in various forms a couple of different times since the 80’s, this is the first time we're offering this classic design as a standard Street shape.

This is also T-Mag’s favorite graphic from back then and has a deep personal meaning to him.

The top logo was designed by Scott Obradovich before H-Street was only a thought in Mag's mind. The classic T-Mag Bat has stayed around as a full graphic, T-Shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts and Decals. The design also features a somewhat "hidden" message, other than what is obvious at first sight.

The Kid’n’Cross comes in 4 sizes on a standard concave, made with the best Canadian Hardrock Maple and transfer graphics. The dyed veneer on top and bottom are mixed, and the ink colors indicate size of the deck.