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Hampus Winberg hails from a small town in Sweden and has come to California many times and has managed to leave an impression on just about all that have had the good fortune to skate with him.

We took notice on one such trip of his to California last year and linked up with Hampus, who also brought us a great idea for a graphic, so we had Tim Baron draw it up.

It’s called the Star Fighter and is based on a graphic idea him and his friend David Hermansson came up with.

Hampus is an Olympic aspiring Pro Skater and this is his first design we’re doing with him. Given his incredible ability, likely not the last.

Hampus joins Yuro Nagahara and Keefer Wilson and the three rippers make up the Triumvirate of H-Street.

It’s manufactured in California with the best Hard Rock Maple and inks and comes in three ink colors and four sizes.

The Park&Pool Shape is 32.8 X 8.5, with a 15 Wheelbase, 6.8 Nose and 6.75 Tail. It also comes in standard Street Shapes. All dyed veneer color is mixed.