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Bob Hickman is a prolific and creative skate artist from Ohio. Here’s how he describes his background in skating, music and with H-Street;

“I started skating in 86' when I was 13, my favorite skater from day 1 was Ron Allen, first time I saw him was in "Sick Boys" I liked his style a ton, but that was all I saw of him until H-Street came to light. The first H-Street board I had was Ron’s, the one with the straight jacket. The tail was huge! It was a no comply machine.

There was a thin line with hip-hop and skateboarding, I DJ'd for a minute, but I could always rap and make beats so when the opportunity came and Ron asked me to make some beats for his album that just released I was hyped on that. I made him 3 tracks and he put them on his album. I've worked with a lot of big artists in the music industry but for some reason doing this for him meant the most. When it was done we talked on the phone about Hip-Hop for at least an hour, he's just a good and humble guy and I’d do anything for him. So when the opportunity came from Tony and H-Street to work on Ron’s 30 year graphic a few years ago, I jumped all over it.”

Since then, Bob’s made a number of tribute oriented graphics for H-Street, along with some original art. Lately, he’s been commissioned to do hand painted originals for different people and Mag suggested he do various series of decks we could offer to our friends.

This is a series of four decks that are hand painted on new blanks, with a few of our really classic graphics that inspired Bob, along with a personal inscription and Bob’s Puppet signature on the top.

They are only available this one time as original pieces of artwork.