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To further celebrate the Matt Hensley Kingsize Hornblower, that was originally drawn by H-Street Am rider Jeff Klindt, we asked one of our industry’s best artist, Mark Kowalchuk to do his own version and impression of the legendary graphic.

Mark has done graphics and art in this industry for some of the best and biggest brands. For some reason, most of the time you never know who the artist is behind a lot of cool products made in skateboarding. We like to acknowledge the super creative and unique artists and individuals that have made such an important contribution to H-Street history and legacy and continue to do that.

Mark and T-Mag worked on retaining the surreal perspective and feel of the original while giving it a new and unique rendition. We think that Mark totally killed it on this one and hopefully, we will see more from this incredibly talented artist.

This is made on the Full Size Mini, which measures 32.5 x 8.9, with a 6.8 Nose, 6.6 Tail and 14.75 Wheelbase. It also come in regular Street Shapes. It’s made in Canada and printed in California.