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H-Street FAF Ceramic Precision Bearings is the product of two years of testing. The result is a super fast, light and durable bearing that is also reasonably priced, in comparison to all other Ceramic Bearings on the market.

Ceramic Bearings are made with Bearing Balls made of the highest quality ceramics, which is super hard and generates less friction and heat than traditional steel bearing balls. They are also a bit lighter.

The Steel race and cage that house the ceramic bearing balls are also engineered to the highest possible standard of precision and durability.

The H-Street FAF Ceramic bearings come with just one shield to further reduce friction and increase speed. Make sure that you seat the bearing in your wheels with the open side in.

Use spacers for softer wheels. For harder wheels, they are not necessary, assuming you insert the bearing and attach the wheels to your trucks correctly, which is best done by tightening the wheel nut a medium amount, so that the bearings are seated properly in the wheel, then backing off the nut, about a half a turn, so it places minimum pressure against the bearing race, even having a tiny bit of “play” in the tightness.