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This is the H-Street Revolution Re-Issue Wheels from the 80’s. Francesco Jekill Albertini made this graphic and as far as we can remember, this was the only wheel design H-Street did in the 80’s.

Mag and Francesco worked together on re-doing the art so that it fits today modern wheels. These re-issue wheels come in three size and are made in Southern California, using the highest grade of Urethane available, featuring a high rebound rate.
At 99A hardness, they are just a tad softer and grippier than most standard wheels, making them perfect for today's Park&Pool environment, where surfaces tend to be a bit on the slick side.

When T-Mag tested this formula, he thought they were great for every skate environment except for blasting face high air on 14 foot tall ramps. For that, harder and slicker wheels are better. For everything else, having a bit more grip is just a good thing.